Words of Comfort To The Sick

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Life can be cruel as many people find themselves in situations not of their own making while others actually caused it for themselves. Sicknesses can come in any way. i.e accident, carelessness, rape, emotional breakdown and so on. We must first acknowledge what has happened and try to move forward from there.

Sometimes things can be so terrible that we can’t even see a way out. We are in so much pain we wish death so we can have some relief.

Have faith that this also will pass, don’t give in to the doctors report all the time. Many went on to recovery and are now healthy despite what the doctors said. Use the opportunity and time you have to enjoy with your loved ones. Use every second to put a smile and create sweet memories for we all will die one day but not before we leave our mark in the sands of time.

Take comfort for it is going to be well with you

>> your words will encourage others. Please share your own thoughts on this issue in the comment section. thanks

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