Words of Comfort To The Rich

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There are different kinds of riches. Riches in health, family, love, people, money and so on. Everyone is rich in something. Riches attract men to the one that possesses it. There is something you have in abundance that draws men to you.

You can be rich in smile. A smile can make things happen. Riches draws even unmerited favour to you. It makes men want to be around you and do things for you.

Take comfort today if you are rich, appreciate and enjoy the opportunity life has given you. Use your riches and do well to others. No one can really tell what will happen tomorrow. For riches can disappear and the man we may consider poor today may be rich tomorrow. (For that is the way of riches). Being rich is a privilege

Let others benefit from what you have. Don’t hide. Look inwards and improve on your best qualities. There are many things a man can offer apart from money. CHEER UP  AS YOU THINK  ABOUT YOUR LIFE. FOR YOU ARE INDEED RICH

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