Words of Comfort To The Kind and Compassionate

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There is so much suffering the world today. There is a great need for kind and compassionate men and women. People who understand.

You may be wondering how other people do not feel and see the world as you do. How they are not willing to make little sacrifices to help others out of their situation. That shouldn’t discourage you but encourage you to do more.

We all have kindness buried deep within our framework and while some choose to practice and improve it, others just ignored it.

Show kindness everywhere you go. Love can be misinterpreted sometimes but kindness is kindness everywhere. Mark Twain said “kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. If you are already practicing kindness, keep going and if you are not, start today by showing kindness to those around you. Start small by doing no harm to others.

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