Words of Comfort To The Arrogant

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Some people don’t agree with this statement “No one is perfect”. They feel an adult should know better. They feel everything they do is perfect. They refuse to accept faults, always pushing it to others. They are not compassionate or considerate that others may not have their intellect, their abilities or even their strengths.

They do not understand shame and humility. They are not willing to share or even teach another person. Arrogant men sometimes don’t even know they are arrogant. They find it hard to believe and may even fault you for daring to draw their attention to it.

As you think through your life and your actions in the past few months, take comfort in the fact that a man can change because no one is perfect. It’s not easy to humble ourselves and admit faults but there will be no joy in life without mistakes because mistakes help us understand ourselves better and learn and grow. There is joy in overcoming our weaknesses.

>> your words will encourage others. Please share your own thoughts on this issue in the comment section. thanks

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