Words of Comfort To The Angry

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Anger is natural. There isn’t a person on earth who doesn’t get angry. Someone will step on you, someone will do something to piss you off. You can trust humans to do just that.

The problem with anger is that it takes away your peace, distracts your thoughts (making you waste precious time thinking and formulating how best to make that person pay). It makes you uncomfortable around that person and can ultimately ruin that once beautiful relationship. Many people have gone ahead to do terrible things because of anger. That split moment madness can change the course of your life. Many are wishing ‘had they controlled themselves, things would have been different’.

By acknowledging and understand the weakness in man, you can rise above it, maintaining your composure and deciding to be mature when the other party is not.

Some people take pleasure in making others mad but we understand their game and will not give them that satisfaction

>> your words will encourage others. Please share your own thoughts on this issue in the comment section. thanks

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