True Friendship

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I have heard people say that friendship is a 50:50 affair. They mean that as others do to you,  you do to them also i.e.  If they call you, then you call them also. Thinking through this,  I discover that friendship entails more.  Being a friend to someone is a decision to love them without them doing anything to merit it,  to be there for them as much as you can, to stand by them even when they sometimes disappoint us,  to defend them when they are not there, to be the one calling even when they only call once in a blue moon, to stay away from them for a while when the need arises, to keep on praying for them always even when they sometimes don’t appreciate your effort. If you are already on this part,  please do not be discouraged and stop.  I have been down this lane for quite some time now and it pays, it pays.  Make resolve today as you think through your friendship.

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