Thinking Out Loud About My Life

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Just thinking out loud about my life and how far I have come. I must say that things didn’t turn out the way I planned. Molested when I was 7. Had an accident that almost took my life, made and lost many friends, many people disappointed me and I have also disappointed many. Loved many, got my heart broken and have also broken a few hearts. I have been selfish a lot of times but I have also helped many people with the little resources I’ve had (be it money, words, a smile, just being there for them).

A lot of people have criticized me and many have even mocked me. A lot of people misunderstood me. God even my parents misunderstood me. There were even times I wished I wasn’t even born. Got so sick I was wishing for death because the pain was unbearable. But somehow through it all, I feel am a better human being.

That’s Life

Everything that happened has helped me to mature into the person I am today. I should have given up but Am still here standing tall, pushing forward, taking life one day at a time, being grateful for whatever comes my way. Accepting my faults and shortcomings, learning new things every day.

Am not afraid, I choose to live on and make the most of my life. I go out and make new friends or just sit in the park and have a great time with myself and the birds lol, travel, see and feel things I never felt before. Am just grateful for where I am and what I have got. I guess all of this makes me human. The crying, the laughter, the jokes, the pain, all the love and lack of it, the sweetness hahaha. What do you think? How has your life been?

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