Some Thoughts on Success

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You don’t always need to be afraid of failure. You can be a failure for many years and still be a successful person in the end. The road to success is not usually straight and clean for everyone. Anybody that has ever succeeded at anything will only laugh if asked to explain step by step how they did it. They may tell you something like “do your best and have faith”. No one really knows what will happen tomorrow. Everyone has their own lane on the road of life. Life does not necessarily have to be a competition with others. Surely, the success of other people can be a good motivation for you but it can also make you rush( which might lead to failure). Successful people will tell you they did their best and hoped for the best.

Am in no way downplaying the importance of hard work, persistence, dedication, and experience. If you’re the type of person who believes something like (who so ever will be rich will be rich and whosoever will be poor will be poor) then you must understand that life is not that simple.

Some Thoughts

You must find balance in every area of your life if you are serious about success. For many have worked hard for many years on something and still failed. Find that balance and take it easy. For true success is worth the wait

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