The place of comfort is a blog created for the purpose of sharing our stories, experiences, and words of encouragement to help people going through tough times in life. Feel free to share your words and don’t keep it in as it can help strengthen others

Alone, all alone; Nobody, but nobody can make it out here alone.

Some Issues In Life and Our Thoughts on Them

Helping A Friend Going Through Depression

Depression is a medical condition that affects both children and adults. It tends to negatively affect the emotions by making a person sad and also causes loss of interest in activities, be it going out with a friend, music, work, love and so on. It decreases one’s...

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A Truly Successful Man Indeed

At the mention of the word success, many peoples mind automatically begin thinking of words like hard work, patience, endurance, self-discipline and many others as conceived by experts. Others think about money and that’s it. They think if you don't make money in the...

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Altering Life By The Attitude of Your Mind

You can change your life by altering the attitude of your mind. The great Harvard Professor Timothy Leary said the greatest discovery of my generation is that humans can alter their lives by altering their minds. This means that, as we go through life, so many events...

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The Age of The Mind: Open Your Mind To New Things

In 1989, the Berlin walls came crashing down, marking the end of the industrial age and ushering in the computer age: the age of the mind. Therefore, there is a need to develop the mind in order to make it in this era. What do you feed into your mind?. Buddha said, to...

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Never Look Down on Yourself

We often compare ourselves to others and when we see how good they really are in certain areas, we feel down and begin to believe we don’t have what it take to make it. You must understand that no one is useless, you also possess certain unique strengths, if you will...

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Take It Easy

Take it easy on yourself. Yes, successful people worked hard for many years making so many sacrifices in other to get to where they are today but they also watched themselves, balancing work and rest. Take everything step by step and be patient. For in time, you will...

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