The place of comfort is a blog created for the purpose of sharing our stories, experiences, and words of encouragement to help people going through tough times in life. Feel free to share your words and don’t keep it in as it can help strengthen others

Alone, all alone; Nobody, but nobody can make it out here alone.

Some Issues In Life and Our Thoughts on Them

Life is Hard But There is Hope

Life is hard. For so many of us, life has not been good. We were at a disadvantage from the beginning, behind in almost everything. We didn’t have love, good education, no care or attention. We were just “born”. Many of us grew up without parents while others have...

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Yes You Can Do It. Give Yourself A Chance

If you don’t like your living situation, change it, MOVE. Just get out, change what side of town you live on. If you don’t like your job situation, learn a new skill. If you are not confident with what you look like, learn to love yourself, cos so many people love you...

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Take It Easy on Yourself

Sometimes the solutions to the problems in our lives do not lie in coming up with something big and complex. It’s important to understand that overthinking while in a depressed mood usually hinders the quality of solutions we can generate. Taking a break from thinking...

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Dealing With Failure In Your Life

We all understand that feeling of disappointment when things are not going well and we have reached our limit. The confusion, the regret, the tiredness, the sadness... We feel we have done everything right but don't know why things continue to go wrong. We look ahead...

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Some Importance of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

People love being comfortable with anything they do. They love being happy, they love being able to handle their affairs with little or no stress. They create a world for themselves where they do just enough to stay afloat. Many have big dreams but end up achieving...

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Some Causes of Heartbreak and How To Prevent Them

WHEN SHE BROKE MY HEART I was fine for a week after she called off the relationship. On the 8th day, I was listening to a song on my phone and the emotions just overwhelmed me. I felt like I’ve been struck by lightning and felt a sharp pain in my heart. Then came the...

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