The place of comfort is a blog created for the purpose of sharing our stories, experiences, and words of encouragement to help people going through tough times in life. Feel free to share your words and don’t keep it in as it can help strengthen others

Alone, all alone; Nobody, but nobody can make it out here alone.

Some Issues In Life and Our Thoughts on Them

Peoples Opinions

People will go to any length to criticize and attack your person for their selfish interest and for the joy of seeing you sad and miserable but you must not give in to them. Yes, we are human and the words sometimes get to us but we must learn to be immune to their...

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Keep Moving Forward

Keep moving forward. Life is not a bed of roses; it certainly has its up and downs like the two sides of a coin. We all experience both good and bad times. Your experience in life is not the problem but the way you handle it matters. You must learn to manage whatever...

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Positive Loses

Sometimes positive loses are necessary for progress. For they test us, our resolves, our strengths, losing makes us study ourselves again, it challenges us to take control once more, to boost our self-esteem and dare to do better. Don’t be discouraged because of past...

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Understanding Life

How can you say you know and understand life when you have never shed a single tear ever? Think again for it's he who has experienced tremendous pain that knows true tears and it's he who knows the way of tears that understands love. Finally, it’s he who knows true...

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Be Grateful For Everything

Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart. No matter your achievements, you must understand that life is in phases with success and failure as part of its ebb and flow. Be grateful for what you have. Keep calm in the dark times knowing it...

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Keep Fighting

Keep fighting, don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t underestimate your strength. Never give room for depression and frustration in your challenges. You must give yourself a chance, don’t allow the sadness to break your spirit. Fight. Fight. There is strength in you to...

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