Motivate Yourself

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You know yourself better than anyone. Your strengths and your weaknesses. Your abilities and disabilities. Your limitations.

Some people may not like you and that is normal, it’s their choice but there are others out there who will love you despite your weaknesses. Even if you lock your heart and refuse love, they will still love you none the less.

Don’t keep yourself in the pity zone and allow depression to eat you up. That you are rejected today doesn’t mean another will reject you tomorrow. If Mr. or Miss A rejects you, there will surely be a Mr. or Miss B. So, give others a chance in your life, give yourself a chance.

Finding, making and keeping relationships is not a one-sided affair. It requires effort from your own side too. You will not meet people if you stay locked up in your room.

Don’t say the words “no one loves me”. Go out, travel, attend events, lose yourself a little and meet new people and live and feel and love. Your life is not over yet

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  1. Sandy says

    This has realy helped me. Thanks

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