Life is Hard But There is Hope

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Life is hard. For so many of us, life has not been good. We were at a disadvantage from the beginning, behind in almost everything. We didn’t have love, good education, no care or attention. We were just “born”. Many of us grew up without parents while others have been physically, emotionally or psychologically abused. Nobody told us we were good at anything. Everything we have done that got us thus far, we did by ourselves. We have minded our own business and are contented with what we have but not the people around us. They criticize us at any opportunity they get. Even our families are refusing to acknowledge us. It’s so tiring and exhausting. So many people have accepted defeat and given up.

We must not forget the fact that we have come this far. Whatever, however, we pulled that off has got to show that we are more than what others believe us to be. That we have something special inside us that doesn’t want to die without being acknowledged. Even though the people around us cannot see it (and sometimes, even we ourselves can’t see it). It will be really sad that after we have come this far, we just give into the darkness and allow all our efforts and struggles to go in vain.

A Solution

We must not give up no matter what. Not until we get out there and live. Live in the light and laugh and joke and love. We deserve that just like everyone else. Nobody is useless even if all the people around us say so. Tomorrow is not promised to anybody and the world is too big for us to allow only a few peoples words drive us to the grave. People who haven’t been to everywhere in the world and definitely haven’t seen it all can’t define our identity or tell us how we are suppose to live our lives.

Even when it comes to death, let it be on our own terms. For if we take their words and kill ourselves, they will still laugh and curse us for doing it. If you don’t like your living situation, change it, MOVE. Just get out, change what side of town you live on. If you don’t like your job situation, learn a new skill. If you are not confident with what you look like, learn to love yourself, cos so many people love you the way you are. If moving with your friends isn’t helping your life, then stay AWAY from them. Just CHANGE SOMETHING. Maybe change everything. Don’t allow failure to eat you up. Keep moving forward. You can do it

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