Glimmer of Hope

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A glimmer of hope. There are times in which life becomes very painful. We begin to lose every sense of meaning we have of it. We feel sorry for ourselves and accept the painful conditions as fate. But we must understand that there are people who live through lifelong disabilities and terrible pain and yet have managed to find satisfaction in their lives.

Am not saying the pain goes away or that it isn’t hell trying to get through it.  All the struggles, the low points, the confusion, the tears… But there are ways to find meaning and purpose and joy despite the pain.

If we find that way, that chance, that possibility, that small glimmer of hope of a better life, we must hold on to it.  And if you cannot find that something, keep looking

Remember that you cannot do it alone. But with proper social support from family, friends, experts,… we can learn to make something beautiful out of all the chaos in and around us.

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