Dealing With Failure In Your Life

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We all understand that feeling of disappointment when things are not going well and we have reached our limit. The confusion, the regret, the tiredness, the sadness… We feel we have done everything right but don’t know why things continue to go wrong. We look ahead and see nothing but darkness. We look for even a small light to give ourselves a glimmer of hope but to no avail. We accept our faith and say to ourselves I give up, am just a failure“. We are often encouraged by others not to even mention the word “failure”, that the word is full of negative vibes. They told us to always think about things positively and good will follow us. But no matter how much positively we thought, good things don’t always come to us.


1. Admitting The Truth

Many people hide things from even themselves. They can never admit certain things about themselves. They know the truth but they prefer to lie about it. People like admiration and praise from other people and they can do anything to get it. They will lie, cheat, fake many things just to get others talking about them. They know deep down in their hearts that they don’t have the talent or passion for that sport, job, activity and so on but always claim they can do it. They spent the time they were supposed to use and follow-worthy ideals copying others. Sooner or later, the truth comes out and they feel sad and just give up. You must tell always yourself the truth. You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone ever will. You know your limits and faults.

Choose to do things you have a passion for and success will come naturally. There is no need to pretend because everyone is good at something. There will always be people that will appreciate you.

2. Learning

The person that made the computer didn’t just wake up one morning and made every part and assembled it that same day. It took him time to practice, study and learn. He probably learned the basics of electricity, model making, mechanics and other fields. You don’t just wake up one day and run 10,000 meters. Many people feel they are failures just because they tried a few times and failed. They didn’t consult with an expert and also didn’t have any coach. They feel because they have a natural talent, everything should just fall into place. Everyone needs practice and mentoring in one way or the other.

Take time to learn more about your passion and your interest. Consult people and listen for direction. You have a better chance of making it when you have good counselors involved. There are a lot of books and other materials for you to consult. Don’t give up easily because your gifts are very much needed in the world.

3. Stop worrying

People tend to worry a lot about things. Even though they have the talent and the help they need, they still worry about failing. It’s true that no one knows the future and that should be a relief. It means people do the best they can and just hope for the best. There are times that things go beyond our control. It doesn’t matter how much preparations we have made. We have to pull ourselves up and move on. When you do things the right way, there is a better chance of success and it will come sooner or later. Worrying has never done good to anyone, You have to choose to believe in yourself completely.


Great people have always had many failures stories. Without those failures, they probably wouldn’t have had the level of success they have today. Always push ahead and never give up easily. Failure is just another stepping stone on the road to success.

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