Some Causes of Heartbreak and How To Prevent Them

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I was fine for a week after she called off the relationship. On the 8th day, I was listening to a song on my phone and the emotions just overwhelmed me. I felt like I’ve been struck by lightning and felt a sharp pain in my heart. Then came the tears, the pain increased and then confusion. My mind was just messed up. We had so much going on and I couldn’t imagine living without her. The events that happened that month are still blur to me because I lost the memories amidst the tears. I just couldn’t stop crying cause I couldn’t help myself.


I was hurting badly in every sense of the word. After all the promises he made to me. I couldn’t believe that this was the same guy that said he couldn’t live without me. I was in agony and messed up bad. How can he be so cruel? After all the sacrifices I made for him. I wanted to just close mind and not think again, forever. The most painful thing was the fact that I still loved him. I knew I had to wake up but it’s just too hard.


  • LIES

Many people lie about different aspects of their lives when coming into relationships. They are afraid that if their partners see their true nature, they will lose interest in them. So, they pretend around their partners in other to make them fall in love with them. Their partners eventually found out about the lies and are broken hearted

  • It’s better to be truthful with your partner in every aspect of your relationship. It makes everything simple and easier. Believe me, a person who truly loves you will continue to do so despite your flaws. There is just no reason to lie or pretend.



When you’re in love and feel your partner loves you too, you tend to open your heart to them. You feel very happy sharing your secrets with them. Sometimes, love can make you overlook a big weakness in your partner: like the inability to keep secrets. When things go wrong in a relationship, some immature partners take things to the next level. They go ahead and spill their lover’s secrets and that causes heartbreak and even life-threatening situation.

  • You have to open your eyes and take your time to know your partner’s strengths and weaknesses before you tell them something deep about yourself.



Some people get carried away by their emotions and they let themselves just flow with the moment. They don’t sit down and discuss the relationship with their partners. They have no dos and don’ts. This can cause cheating and also cause a lot of other complications which can lead to heartbreak.

  • Every relationship should be defined from the onset. Whenever you decide to go deeper, make new definitions.

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