Altering Life By The Attitude of Your Mind

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You can change your life by altering the attitude of your mind. The great Harvard Professor Timothy Leary said the greatest discovery of my generation is that humans can alter their lives by altering their minds. This means that, as we go through life, so many events happen to us and our minds give us interpretations in an attempt to figure out what they mean and what our next step should be.

Many people just accept these interpretations without the knowledge that they have the power to alter their thoughts and thereby, change the outcome with the solutions their minds come up with. Therefore, there is need to give more attention to the way we think.

How It Works

The mind uses all of our experience and knowledge to make judgments. Therefore, what you feed into yourself determines what goes into your mind. This implies that you have to watch what you allow into your mind. The books you read, the movies you see, the conversations you engage in, and on and on. These have the capacity to introduce ideas into your mind which would ultimately influence your decision-making process.

For instance, a person who thinks he is dull, shy and cannot amount to much in life will in time find out that he develops little interest in aspects of life society labels “difficult”, and will as a consequence perform poorly if put in a position in such areas of endeavor. But, if this person begins feeding his mind some new thoughts which make him believe he has the potential to do more, he will alter his mind. Therefore, in time, he realizes that he had what it took to excel in him the whole time.

The words of Napoleon Hill ring true “what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

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    Great article

  2. Martin says

    There is need to really improve our minds

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