Afraid of Talking To Others

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Just saying my mind. Not everybody will like you. Even when you do your best, you still can’t just impress them with anything you say because they don’t just like you. So, there is no need to feel dumb and inferior in front of people. We all have areas we are very good at and we also have areas of discussion where we are just clueless (lol).

Staying away from people and feeling sorry for yourself will not do you any good. Read, learn and grow in areas you are interested in and build your confidence. Many people think highly of themselves and tend to look down on others. That’s their problem. Stay away from such people.

You can start by learning how to ask questions. Allow the other person to talk while you listen and cheap in words from time to time until you are comfortable. You mustn’t do it in one or two weeks, take your time. It’s your life.

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