Something About The Place Of Comfort

The place of comfort is a community created and dedicated to helping people going through different stages and situations in life. its a place for the joyful, a place for the confused, a place for the hopeless, a community where giving up is not an option

Here, we share words of encouragement and hope, showing kindness and helping one another by sharing our stories and helping one another cope in any situation of life. Life is tough sometimes and we need a shoulder to lean on

The place of comfort is that shoulder.

Something About Me

My name is Samuel Bahago Hosea – The guy behind this blog

Personal Email:

I love putting smiles on people’s faces through my words of hope and encouragement. I write short essays from my experiences with the hope that they challenge others to not give up on life but push on. I have had my share of pain and saddest in life and through it all, words have always been my greatest medicine. I hope my write-ups help you in your situation. If you find them useful, please share them with others