A Wise Man

A wise man once said to me, if you find yourself confused about what to do with your life, ask yourself this question: “what would i want written on my tombstone?”. For instance, here lies Juliet, a woman who mastered time, or here lies James, a father, a man who brought tremendous encouragement to all who came across him, and so on. You can be anything you want to be. Isn’t it amazing how our entire lives can be captured in a few sentences? Weigh this question in your heart knowing that a tombstone only takes a handful of sentences. What you truly want from life will be clear before you. You will see your life through new lense. Meditate on your answers often to remind yourself. Start doing small small things that will steer you in that direction and path will be clear as you push to finish your course here on earth and go back home. think about it.

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