A Truly Successful Man Indeed

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At the mention of the word success, many peoples mind automatically begin thinking of words like hard work, patience, endurance, self-discipline and many others as conceived by experts. Others think about money and that’s it. They think if you don’t make money in the end, then you are not successful. But is money the ultimate sign of success.

Some Signs to know someone who is truly successful.

  1. Focusing on the now: not in the past or the future but enjoying life moment by moment.
  2. Emotional fulfillment by pursuing and maintaining good relationships
  3. Make friends with easy
  4. Better sleep at night: no tossing and turning
  5. Appreciate people and things around them
  6. Always grateful

The pursuit of money and how it changes men

Money is good because it helps us get things done but people tend to pursue money as an end in itself and often weigh their lives according to their bank balance. When they don’t have money, they fall ill, disregard their relationships and lose their peace. They are convinced in their hearts that without money, there is no life. They shout at their children, lose sleep at night, and are always ungrateful feeling bad when someone neglects them or doesn’t take them seriously. They say to themselves, if I had more money, people will respect me more and listen to what I say. They often feel with money, they automatically get love, fame, power, security and so on but in the end, the pursuit of money consumes them and they end up getting the money but loosing so much more.


The attitudes of truly successful men towards money.

  • A truly successful man knows the importance of money but also knows its limitations.
  • A truly successful man knows there are things money cannot buy.
  • A truly successful man knows the importance of relationships and knows money cannot buy love.
  • A truly successful man knows his limit in the pursuit of money and doesn’t allow it to change him or his character.


Putting it all together.

Yes, money is necessary and helps us our daily lives. Simply put, we need money but we must be careful and not let our lives be about money and money alone. We should give time to family, love, relationship and others things in other to lead a very fulfilling life.


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    Wow. So true. Thank you

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