Dare to change
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Dare To Change

Change is the most resisted activity here on earth, people always find it difficult to change because of uncertainties and lack of assurance of what lies ahead. The truth of the matter is that you cannot stop change from taking […]

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try harder
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Try Harder

We shouldn’t let people’s experiences discourage us or our plans. The fact that they tried the same thing and failed doesn’t mean we will fail if we dare it. It may be that that they didn’t try enough or went […]

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We may have big challenges; our enemies may be many and powerful. Do we just give up? Life has a way of pushing us down and if we are not careful, we may just get discouraged and stop trying. But […]

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encouraging someone
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Encourage Others

Always encourage someone with your words. Before you say something, first ask yourself, is it going to be beneficial to someone? Will it make them strong or put them down? Because so many people say things without much thinking and […]