The place of comfort is a blog created for the purpose of sharing our stories, experiences, and words of encouragement to help people going through tough a time in life. Feel free sharing your words and don’t keep it in as it can help strengthen others

Alone, all alone; Nobody, but nobody can make it out here alone.

Someone loves you

There are people out there who love you. You may not want to see or even believe it but it’s true. There are people who you mean so much to who can’t imagine life without you. Do not allow your mind to play games with life. Take control of it. Life can be misery and...

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I Feel So Sad People Say Am Ugly?

Everybody is beautiful in their own special way. People can say what they think, it's their problem, not yours. People who call others ugly generally suffer from low self-esteem due to their own inadequacies. Hold your head high and be confident. Once you start doing...

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Some thoughts on happiness

Happy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re jumping up and down from joy, but not being miserable does not mean happy. If all is well with you all the time, you will never really understand what true happiness is. Sometimes things need to get bad for you to appreciate the...

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Thoughts on Comfort Zone

Every change, voluntary or not, in life is a step outside the comfort zone. Every change in life entails a risk of it not going the way one wants it to go (or expects), which in turn produces anxiety. Example: Making a new dish that you've never tried before? That's...

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Some Thoughts on Success

You don’t always need to be afraid of failure. You can be a failure for many years and still be a successful person in the end. The road to success is not usually straight and clean for everyone. Anybody that has ever succeeded at anything will only laugh if asked to...

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Glimmer of Hope

A glimmer of hope. There are times in which life becomes very painful. We begin to lose every sense of meaning we have of it. We feel sorry for ourselves and accept the painful conditions as fate. But we must understand that there are people who live through lifelong...

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